Sheffield Sports and Stadia Term Commission

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August 2008
Sheffield International Venues
Service Type

Client’s Requirements   

Sheffield Internal Venues are responsible for the operation and on-going development of all of the major sports and stadia venues in Sheffield.

Silcock Leedham’s Contribution

Silcock Leedham was appointed as Building Services Consulting Engineers by Sheffield International Ventures for a 3 year term. Silcock Leedham provided technical advice and professional design services on all major projects including the following:

  • Redevelopment/Refurbishment of the conference and corporate facilities at Don Valley stadium
  • Redevelopment/Refurbishment of Ponds Forge Olympic.  This involved the complete redesign of the building services to current standards including Part L, specialist lighting design and environment controls
  • Refurbishment of Concorde Leisure Centre.  Again this was redevelopment/refurbishment of an existing 1970’s sports centre.

Added Value / Unique Selling Points

In addition to designing the services strategy, Silcock Leedham provided specialist dynamic thermal and solar computer modelling, fire engineering and building acoustics.